Country Kalamata Fleur de sel

No preservatives, no chemicals, just natural unrefined sea salt flakes. With all the health benefits of nature!

Fleur de sel

Natural sea salt

Size 110gr, 500gr

Superior quality natural sea salt, fleur de sel.

A product of exceptional quality with a rich taste and a distinctive flavor of the Ionian sea.

Country Kalamata Fleur de sel is handpicked and unrefined.

Some health benefits:

  • Assists in stabilizing heart pulse and regulates blood pressure.
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Provides the human body with more than 80 different types of
  • Assists in restoring good digestion.
Interesting Facts

Jacques de Langre in his book Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers made several observations, some of the most interesting being:

Refined salts even when mixed with salt water kill saltwater fish. Therefore the effect of refined salt on the human body and internal organs is questionable.

Fruits and vegetables are almost salt-free. This is why many vegetarians suffer from anemic conditions and other salt-starvation diseases.

Every one of the body’s essential minerals is found in sea salt and no chemicals, preservatives, or anything unnatural should be added.
To prevent moisture from being reabsorbed, salt refiners also add alumino-silicate or yellow prussiate of soda as desiccants plus bleaches. This salt is then sold in stores for human consumption. The result is something that is unnatural and not very healthy for the human body.

When most salts are harvested they are put through a series of harsh steps that cracks the molecular structure, robs the essential minerals and adulterates the salt with chemical additives. It is then bleached and iodized. The entire process takes out the essential nutrients that are present in our salt.

Amazingly, the French scientist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Alexis Carrel kept a chicken heart alive for years by having the pulsating heart in a solution of sea salt.

Best matches with

Legumes, salads, grilled meat, soups…everything. Enhance your dishes and give them a flavor of the sea, naturally.

Sprinkle some flakes over your favorite steak or bruschetta and watch them as they evolve to a whole new delicacy.