Olive Oil Production, Packaging & Trade

The Karambotso’s olive oil production plant operates in the field of olive oil for more than 30 years.

The production plant founded in 1970 and started operating as a small family business. Now is among the biggest production plants in the Kalamata, Messinia region.

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Karambotso’s Philosophy

Karambotso’s philosophy is honest and simple

Always offer the best directly from nature

Quality & Control

Control is a crucial factor in order to ensure the highest quality.

The production plant uses accredited control methods in accordance with the regulations of the IOOC (International Olive Oil Council).

The Production Stages

Olive oil production is not an easy task.

Definition of production stages and control during production is crucial in order to receive olive’s natural juice at the highest quality.


New designs, new packaging everything developed to meet the needs of the market. And the quality is always the best.

High quality for the best result!

More than olive oil

Not only rich taste and aromas. Olive oil from the region of Kalamata has a high content in antioxidants.

Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress, and Kalamata’s olive oil is rich in polyphenols.

Storage conditions

Extra virgin olive oil is a sensitive product. Here in Karambotsos, we know that and for that reason, we invest in the highest quality assets for storage and production.

At least, trusted olive farmers


Greek Product

At least liters of production

More than one varieties

Karambotsos olive oil production plant is located in a fertile region in which are grown two different olive varieties.

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More than one varieties

Koroneiki Variety

The best variety in the world in terms of quality and quantity. It produces a green color olive oil rich in polyphenols.

Harvest Time: Late of October.

In Tasting. Rich body and strong taste. A high bitter and pungent, and aromas of herbs, green leaves, and grass.

More than one varieties

Mavrolia Variety

A unique variety only found in the area of King Nestor of Pylos (Navarino). This variety is considered one of the Greek ancient varieties.

Harvest Time: Late of September.

In Tasting: Rich body and sweet mellow taste. A low bitter and pungent with aromas of ripe fruits, butter, and almonds.

Karambotso’s Brands

Country Kalamata

It is a family of products from the area of Messinia, Kalamata.

High-quality products that bring the Mediterranean experience to your kitchen.

Unique flavors and the highest quality you can find!


The line that is designed and developed for HO.RE.CA. distribution.

Your Brand !

We work with you, in order to develop your vision for a product into reality!
Developing a product is more than a process.

After many years of long-term partnerships with major brands and food industry leaders. Our Marketing team is ready to work with you in order to make your vision come true

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