About Us

How We Got Started

All started in a small village of Kalamata’s region in 1970 when the Karambotsos family started operating its new olive mill. Until then the main field of the family operations was the production and trade of agricultural products. Products such as olives, raisins, grapes, and wine.

In the middle of 1970’s, the decision for a new olive mill has been taken in order to help the local agro-economy prosper and reach new heights. Together with the trade experience of the past, the new operations of the family in the field of olive oil extraction had a positive impact on the local farmers and economy.

The place

The production plant is located in Ampelofyto, Gargalianoi, Messinia (Kalamata’s region). A feature of this small village is the ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of olive trees and other agricultural products. Kalamata’s region is one of the best in the world in olive oil production in terms of quality and volume also.

The land is famous for its high-quality products, wonderful places and it’s accommodation.

The excellent quality of olive oil comes from olive trees that are cultivated with natural methods and only rainwater. Trees that were planted 3000 years ago, since the times of King Nestor, are giving us the best olive juice, the extra virgin olive oil.

Our Mission

To make Greek olive oil well known around the world and place it on every family table.

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Quality & Control

Control is a crucial factor in order to ensure the highest quality.

The production plant uses accredited control methods in accordance with the regulations of the IOOC (International Olive Oil Council).

The Production Stages

Olive oil production is not an easy task.

Definition of production stages and control during production is crucial in order to receive olive’s natural juice at the highest quality.


New designs, new packaging everything developed to meet the needs of the market. And the quality is always the best.

High quality for the best result!