We work with you


Many years of long-term partnerships with major brands and food industry leaders.

Our Marketing team is ready to work with you in order to make your vision a reality.

Great flexibility in product tailoring in order to suit every market’s requirements. From selecting the right olive oil blend to a finished product ready for delivery


Knowing your target market is the first step for a successful product.

Brand Identity

Brand means character. To be unique and special.

Brand is your product’s identity.


The process of making nothing to something.

It is the materialization of vision.

How we can help you

From developing the perfect blend according to your market’s needs, to packaging and delivery

Olive oil

Certified organic olive oil

Biological olive oil from certified olive groves suitable for the organic market.

Conventional olive oil

Conventional farming olive oil, suitable for every need.

Other Services

  • Market research
  • Evoo blend development
  • Sensory analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Storage
  • New product development

Logistics and Delivery

Our exports team is ready to help you with every information that you’re going to need in order to have successful export and delivery of your products.

PDO Kalamata

Give your brand a different marketing approach.

PDO Kalamata ensures a high-quality product with specific organoleptic characteristics and rich in polyphenols.

Let’s produce Something fresh