Karambotso's Production Plant

The factor of evolution

As the market’s needs always evolve in the same way, Karambotso’s Production Plant is upgraded to meet the needs of the local Agro-economy and the needs of the international markets.

After years of development and engagement in the field of olive oil production, We’re constantly aiming at perfection. This results in the creation of an excellent product.

The plant is always updated with the newest machinery in order to achieve the best results!


More than 500 local farmers

The production plant has a well established long-term partnership with the local farmers of the area.

Τhus better harvest control is achieved.


100% Greek

Olive oil obtained solely from Greek olive varieties.

No blends and mixes, only pure Greek production.

Olive Mill Production

More than 1000000 Liters (1000 tones)

During the years of operation and establishing healthy partnerships the production plant has achieved to be one of the biggest in the Kalamata, Messinia region.

Production Control

In order to achieve the best outcome, control is mandatory.

Management of production is crucial in order to preserve the quality standards as high as possible.

ISO 22000:2005



Quality & Control

Control is a crucial factor in order to ensure the highest quality.

The production plant uses accredited control methods in accordance with the regulations of the IOOC (International Olive Oil Council).

Olive oil world

Explore the world of olive oil.

Learn about the history of olive oil in the local area of Kalamata, Messinia the area of King Nestor.


New designs, new packaging everything developed to meet the needs of the market. And the quality is always the best.

High quality for the best result!