The Production Stages

Updated assets, productivity and high-quality results.

The steps

Harvesting the olive fruits at the right time

The right time harvest is a mandatory procedure in order to achieve
high quality and organoleptic characteristics according to the market’s needs.

Olive fruit delivery for production

The transportation of olive fruit needs to be done in a 24h timeframe in order to achieve the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Quality control upon receipt & organization of crushing (system FIFO)

The olive fruits are distributed in batches per date. The FIFO system guarantees proper production and high-quality final product.

First stage separation

Separation of olive fruits and foreign objects such as rocks and small tree branches.

Washing procedure

In this stage, takes place the cleaning of the fruits in order to remove any small dirt.


The olive fruits are crashed inside a stainless still crasher. The olive fruits are turned into a pulp.


The malaxation helps in olive oil particles homogenization. After that, the olive pulp is ready for extraction.

The second phase of separation

Horizontal centrifugal continuous separation. Liquid-solids are separated, resulting in a mixture of olive oil and water.

The third phase of separation

Vertical centrifugal continuous separation. Liquids – liquids are separated, the result is Olive oil with a low moisture.

Filtration & Storage

Immediate filtration and storage in excellent quality stainless still containers.

Batch Control

Organoleptic and chemical analysis control of quality. Olive oil is separated in batches according to its characteristics and profile. Conventional, Biological, PDO Kalamata, Fruity, Bitter and Pungent.